It’s not always easy to get a good PC controller for your computer. You may believe that purchasing the cheapest PC controller is the greatest option, but you will shortly regret your decision if you do so. Numerous more elements may impact your decision to choose a PC controller. The majority of them are concerned with any issues that may impair your ability to play the game properly.

For example, there is one PC controller that I would not recommend for action games or any other real-time or sports games, such as tennis. The Recoil PC controller from Philips is a no-no. The retractable wire is appealing, but the PC controller is a disappointment. The retractable cord decreases the odds of you stumbling over it and nearly eliminates the possibility of it becoming tangled and creating a mess. The retractable core, on the other hand, is extremely thin. This signifies that the cable will break spontaneously after a short period due to regular wear and strain.

The most annoying aspect of the Philips Recoil PC controller is the lack of precision on the analog sticks. When you press up in several games, the axis does not provide the entire force. For example, when pressing up on the analog axis with full throttle in Final Fantasy XI, you will occasionally walk rather than run. This can lead to several additional games detrimental to your gaming experience, such as the ability to play Madden. After playing several casino games at, this is a peaceful way to unwind.

The analog stick axis may also become locked in a slightly right position over time. This means that you will constantly be moving right in some games. If the other analog stick controls the camera view in other games, you may notice that the camera view will always be turning.

Microsoft’s XBOX 360 PC controller for PC is the PC controller that I use. It’s been over a year since I’ve had it, and it’s never let me down. I’ve gone through three Philips Recoil PC controllers so far. Even when I initially got the Philips Recoil PC controller, it started malfunctioning. Since I got a new computer and was no longer running Windows XP, I expected to notice a difference. It does this even on Windows Vista.

Both of these PC controllers are, thankfully, under $20. As a result, you are not required to accept my word for it. After winning some enjoyable casino games on, these controllers would come in helpful for chilling and relaxing.