3 Year-Olds’ Favorite Online Video Games

When there are so many video game options available for free online, there’s no need to browse through dozens of websites for video games that your 3-year-old can play, pay a costly monthly subscription fee, or purchase DVD copies that may be too difficult for them anyhow.

First, here are a few gaming tips:

Play games with your kid. Live engagement is the most effective way for children to learn. While your child is playing video games, sit with him. If your youngster is too big to sit with you, use a booster chair. This will assist him in completing any games that are a little more difficult. After that, after your child has gotten their fill, you might play online.

Repetition is crucial in video games, as it is in any experience. The more a new subject is discussed, the more opportunities he will have to learn about it. Many of the counting games are an example of video games that use repetition to teach your youngster. The computer narrator will most likely be counting, but because your child is more tuned into your voice because he hears it all the time, it’s better to count along with the game. Plus, you don’t want to place a three-year-old in front of the computer so you can take a shower and come back to find he’s opened ten browser windows and clicked on things you didn’t expect.

Keep it brief. If you get tired of video games, don’t feel obligated to keep playing them. Your child will most likely pick up on your feelings and conclude that the games are also dull. Turn off the computer if your youngsters become disheartened or do not follow your instructions. Even interactive internet video games aren’t as good a teaching tool for youngsters as one-on-one engagement, limiting gaming to an hour each day.

Make use of cutting-edge technology. Touchpads and screens are significantly easier to navigate for small hands than a typical computer mouse. Because they can play more video games independently, young children feel more empowered. They enhance their hand-eye coordination and get a head start on learning how to use the computer tools they will be exposed to once they start school.

Choose based on your instincts. We get to choose what and who will entertain us online since computers and video games are entertainment. Be aware of the content of video games and pay attention to how a youngster behaves before, during, and after playing a variety of games.

You and your 3-year-old might enjoy these online video game sites:

With these age-appropriate games, your 3-year-old may play along with some of his favorite characters from television and movies. With so many games to select from, the ones that a 3-year-old youngster appreciates the most are the same ones that he enjoys watching on TV. The games Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Special Agent Oso, and Handy Manny are simple enough for 3-year-olds to understand. My 3-year-old enjoys the cartoon Jake and the Never Land Pirates, but the games are a little too difficult for him right now.

My three-year-old enjoys playing these games because of the well-known characters Dora and Diego at first. He moves away from the computer after only a few minutes and tells me to finish the games. Although they are a little too difficult for him to complete independently, he enjoys them, and they are a good method to track how far his abilities have progressed because each time we return to them, he can move further.

You’ll feel comfortable about letting your 3-year-old play at this free online resource because the reading curriculum is barely disguised as a video game. Starfall is an excellent jumping-off place for young children just starting to read, with activities teaching A, B, C’s, stories, rhymes, and more. There are also printable pages to go along with the online games; however, there is a price even with all of the free content if you want all of the lessons.

PBS Kids provides a great online video game experience for youngsters, albeit a touch too simplistic and without the bigger budgets of some of the other networks. http://pbskids.org: Your 3-year-old will enjoy playing with all of their favorite TV characters once more. Curious George, Elmo, the Cat in the Hat, and many other characters can be found here. The games are simple and enjoyable, and they provide hours of entertainment and learning.